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Day 2: learning about Utah


The day started bright and early! We got to talk to the other teams that we will be serving alongside this week and got to know them a little bit. In the morning we had orientation and then went to the Mormon square and got to see the temple and learn more about Mormons and what they believe. Some great questions were asked and it was a good learning opportunity. It’s incredibly sad to see how passionate Mormons are but how blind they are to the truth. There is also such a great opportunity to share God's word in the city. In the afternoon we went out and handed out water bottles and tracks for the church. It was encouraging to see how many people were willing to take the track and some even asked for it! This evening we did an evening session which was really good and it was about seeking God, seeing your sin, and surrendering your life! It was a really powerful message and we all got a lot out of it. We went on a prayer walk, first we had personal prayer time. Then, we came together as a group and prayed for the city of Utah, Lincoln and our churches! It was an awesome day of learning and outreach and we are excited for what God holds for the following days! Please continue to pray for and with us as we go on to the rest of the week. Continue to pray for good Gospel opportunities, health, and safety. Thank you to everyone for supporting and praying for us. - Lexi