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Day 3 - Proclamation


Day 3 – Proclamation


This group greeted the day with enthusiasm as they all were ready to role by 6:30AM. (Mind you, this was an our before we even had to leave.) This group got rolling before the morning sun shone above the east Wasatch mountains.


The plant camp speakers gave us some great challenges throughout the day. Our morning dive into the Word of God took place in Hebrews. We all run in a race of faith pursuing Christ, the greatest prize for all mankind. Yet, we faith-runners get distracted and Hebrews challenges us to take a serious look at any weights or distractions of life. The teens had the opportunity to take a self-inventory guided by the Bible and work to remove the anything weighing them down.


Today we had the hottest day on Salt Lake City record. It was a high of 107 degrees today. We were outside this perspiring and placing door hanger invitation to Gospel Grace outreach events in neighborhoods near the church. We drank loads of water, slathered on sunscreen thicker than a toddler’s use of Elmer’s glue, and munched on life-sustaining snacks all day. Our group pushed themselves hard throughout this time.


This afternoon we answered the question of “What is the Gospel” and we look at how 1 Thessalonians 1 explains the Gospel.   

  1. The Gospel is the message of good news
  2. The Gospel is a message of the good news that comes in power
  3. The Gospel is a message of good news that comes in power to reorient our hearts.


This afternoon we set up a table that had a banner on it asking this question, “What are the needs of Salt Lake City.” Along with that, we asked people some survey questions. The survey questions were designed to bring people to think about truth and their own spiritual needs. This gave rise to several Gospel giving conversations. Our young group boldly approached people and sought to share the Gospel of salvation to those they encountered. Praise the Lord for the opportunities this brought about.


We then closed the day with some encourage worship in song and a powerful challenge from Ephesians 5. “We are children of light, how should we walk?”

  1. Reject who you were
  2. Rejoice in who you are
  3. Rouse those who sleep


We are praising God for the opportunities the Lord gave us to serve Him.


Please pray

  1. For strength and energy the next few days for all the students.
  2. The continued growth of our students that they would learn more of Christ this week.
  3. More opportunities to boldly proclaim the message of hope and salvation.


- Ben