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Day 4 - BYBC


Today, we all got up early, packing for an awesome day of serving the Lord. Before we left, Ben led a morning prayer. We left to go to Gospel Grace Church for a morning sermon about not giving up as we run the race as a believers in Christ, and how we should resist the temptations that lead us away from Christ. After we were done with the sermon, we went to Backyard Bible club! (BYBC) We had about 43 kids, we sang songs, did cute crafts with pennies on a cross to demonstrate how Jesus paid the full price for our sins. We did some games in a local park, helped with snack time. The kids heard the word with small skit was given about Abraham and his son Isaac. It was so awesome to see kids who were interested in learning what the Bible says about the gospel and participating in songs according to the word.


After lunch we listened to our next session about learning about sharing the Gospel to the Irreligious. We walked around Salt Lake to add door hangers in the community inviting people to Gospel Grace Church.


After that, we went to the church, and did some impromptu worship and relaxed for awhile before church in the park. Liberty Park is a huge park across from the church. We served with Gospel Grace Church in serving the community by passing out food and more church invites. Pastor Will gave a 10 minute Gospel sermon, and we sang some worship songs that the people seemed to enjoy. Many people showed up for the outdoor service. After that, we went back to our house. It was such an awesome day, serving the Lord even though we got tired and weary, hopefully on Sunday we will see some of the people we met in service to the community.