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Day 5 - What is next?


Day 5 – What is next? 


Sluggishly we woke up this morning and many greeted the day with a hefty helping of coffee. Our first session this morning focused on Hebrews 12:5-11 which highlights the Father’s care for us. God lovingly disciplines each of His children to teach them and direct them to Himself. We should respond with thankfulness to God’s discipline and not lose heart in our race. God cares more about our spiritual life and relationship than physical comfort.


Mormonism has an iron fist grip over the city of Salt Lake. They misguide so many with false teachings. We took a broad look into the book of Hebrews and compared it with the fallacies of Mormonism. This theological study gave us great insight to our own faith and better discernment to see the errant doctrines of the LDS.


This afternoon we jumped at another opportunity to engage the community with the Gospel. We set up a table asking people the question “What is next?”  Those passing by the table were offered water, snacks, and the chance to participate in a community survey. The survey asked how this year has affected their approach to the future. As people began to express their thoughts on COVID, politics, faith, and the future we heard many interesting thoughts. The survey broke the ice and then we turned the conversation to the Gospel. We did not hand out tracks to people but engaged them with the Gospel truths and then invited them to join us at church on Sunday. Praise God, He gave us several opportunities to connect with people today.


Lexi and Lilly had the opportunity to talk to Andrea. Andrea was sweet and kind. She believed in “love” and everything revolved around “love.” She thought God had failed her and so she struggled to believe in Him. Praise God our girls were able to then share the Gospel of hope and salvation to her. By the end of the conversation Andre said she was interested in attending church this Sunday. Please pray for Andrea’s salvation. We also talked to several others.  

We ended the day with some fantastic milkshakes at a local ice cream shop.


Each day our energy tank empties a little more. Please pray for them to have strength. However, praise God for the boldness and opportunities that He has give us.

Thank you for your prayers. – Benjamin