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Day 7 - Community Service Outreach


Day 7 – Community Service Outreach


Saturday is upon us. Today is half outreach and half relaxing. Our group brought out their inner car washing skills. We hosted a free carwash in the church parking. The wash did not yield a great numerical turnout. However, several valuable and impactful conversations took place. We staged a table of snacks and waters and invited each driver to come to the table while their car received a deep cleaning. Not all, but many wanted to talk about church and Christianity. Most of the people were ex-Mormons in search of something else but unsure where to find the truth. The Gospel was given and willingly heard today by at least 6 of the drivers.


We then had lunch in the park and I (Ben) revisited a friend I had made at the park this week. Aaron is the cleanliest and most organized homeless man I have ever met.

He left Mormonism and now claims to be an atheist. However, Aaron felt and saw the love of Jesus this week and told me that he wants to come to church tomorrow. Please pray that Aaron comes to church and more importantly turns to Christ.


In the afternoon we relaxed and took a tour of the Olympic training center in Park City. Park city sits a little above seven thousand feet altitude and has breathtaking views of the mountains. We enjoyed our little tour of the Olympic center and the town. We ended eating some quality local pizza, (in Ben’s opinion), at the state capitol.



As we make our way home on Sunday (tomorrow) we are beyond thankful and blessed for such an amazing week. The week has been full of ministry, gospel giving, new friendships, and growth. It’s been a great blessing and opportunity to come to Gospel Grace and serve the church and the community. Thank you to everyone for praying for the team and for supporting us.  – Lexi & Ben (edited by Wendi)