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Day 6 - Need Prayer


Day 6 – Mulch and Prayer


Our crew woke quasi bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Our spirits were good as we anticipated anther day of service and growth. Our morning session dived into Hebrews 12:12-17. The passage equips the reader to set up a life of spiritual success. We must seek to add that which helps our lives to run the race and remove anything that trips us up. This led to some fruitful discussions with the students as they thought through how to make decisions for spiritual success.


“Need Prayer” hung across the banner hanging down in front of our table. People were bustling all around the park this morning, some walking, some running, some in a mediation group but all there with a purpose. Whatever purpose they had, they certainly did not need prayer. We had one person come by and ask for prayer during our ninety minutes outreach. All others tried to move past us quickly and avoid eye contact. Interestingly, that table received a great amount of prayer request the day before. Today, we praise God for our one. This lady seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing and also attending Gospel Grace Church. In our follow up discussion we learned to not let numbers discourage us. Not every time we passionately engross ourselves in ministry outreach do people respond favorably. Yet, we remain faithful to point people to Jesus and serve Him.


The ministry of manual labor filled the second part of our day. The church grounds needed new mulch. Our crew put their hands to work and got sweaty laying down mulch around the church. Our second job was the privileged work of cleaning the church bathrooms. We all love a clean bathroom, but not all want to clean a bathroom. This reminded us that no one is too lofty in the kingdom of God. We all must do servant work for His kingdom and get a little dirty serving the Lord.


As the sun was going down our group had a time of singing, worship, and testimony up in the mountains. Our hearts were lifted up to the Lord as many spoke of His mighty deeds this week. Some of the Lord’s work was in our own hearts and some of the Lord’s work was using us to build His kingdom. We all enjoyed this encouraging and sweet moment together.  


Praise God for His work this week in us and through us. – Benjamin