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Draw Near to God

September 9, 2018 Pastor: Verne Nakasone Series: James

Passage: James 4:7–4:10


James outlines guidelines on how to live the Christian life. His teaching is practical and relevant to you today.


1A. THERE IS A WARNING – God resists the proud
2A. THERE IS A PROMISE – But gives grace to the humble
1B. Submit to God’s supremacy, verse 7a.
2B. Stand against the devil, verse 7b.
3B. Seek God’s help, verse 8a.
Nearness to God is available. God invites you to be close to Him. We draw near through faith in Christ, Who gives us access to the Father. Drawing near involves believing and trusting God (Hebrews 9:7, 10:3-411,19-25).
4B. Separate from sinful acts and motives, verse 8b.
1C. Cleansed from sinful acts (Isaiah 53:5; Psalm 103:2-3)
2C. Purified from sinful motives
5B. Sorrow over sin and its consequences, verse 9.
This is illustrated for us in the OT, where King David demonstrated what James taught in Psalm 51:16-17.
6B. Sense your dependence upon God, verse 10.
God’s commandments
• Submit to His Supremacy
• Stand against the devil
• Seek God’s help by drawing near to Him
God’s promises
• The devil will flee from you
• God will draw near to you
• God will lift you up

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