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The purposes of Life Groups are to promote Love, Intercession, Fellowship and Encouragement.

This is accomplished through four clear Biblical goals.

  • Progressive sanctification – The work of God the Father in believers that makes us more like Christ in our lives.
  • Mutual care – Providing a place to forge strong personal relationships with one another.
  • Fellowship – Providing a means to participate and communicate together what we share in Christ.
  • Ministry of the Holy Spirit – Expressing spiritual gifts to the building up of one another.

Life Groups are small, community groups designed to edify, establish friendships, and assist in your spiritual progress. When we gather for corporate worship on Sundays, our focus is upward. Another necessary piece for the Christian is one another. Life Groups support this happening.

Life Groups include supporting one another in prayer and strengthening one another through Bible Study. Life Groups include worship, fellowship meals, and caring for one another.

Life Groups meet at different times in various locations. Consider connecting with a Life Group to stir one another up to love and good works.

Some Life Groups are meeting in person, some via Zoom, and some with the combination of both.

Tuesday Night – East Lincoln - 6:30pm - Jeff Pierce (jeffpierce56@gmail.com)

Tuesday Night – Lincoln Hills  - 6:30pm - Bible Study in Isaiah - Rodger Oswald (rodgeroswald@gmail.com) & Dennis Cathey (djbjcathey@icloud.com)

Wednesday Night in-person and via Zoom - 6:30pm - Bible Study in Acts - Geoff Kragen -(gkragen@aol.com)

Thursday Morning @ Church - 10am - Bible Study in Luke - Mike Kerr (333mtk333@att.net)

Thursday Night Young Adult - 6:30pm - Ben Schroeder (ben@foothillbiblelincoln.org)

Friday Night - Loomis - 6:30pm - Jim Bekcer (jimbecker1980@gmail.com)

Please contact church or email those listed above for specific locations and times.